How to make God the CEO of your business

We discuss why you should make God the CEO of your business and some practical tips on how you can do that now.

5/16/20233 min read

Why did you start your business in the first place? What was your motive for getting into entrepreneurship or starting your business? These are important questions one must ask themselves if you started your business on your own and not with God. If your business or entrepreneurship was your idea, to begin with, it is vital that you ask yourself these questions as a believer in Jesus Christ.

Ultimately the goal should be doing God's will whatever that may be. That is why it is important that we seek out God for what His calling is for our life which may include your business or it may not, you will not find out what your calling is if you don't seek it. I share my own personal story of seeking out my calling so click here if you want to watch it instead.

The short version of it is I started this business and entrepreneurship with the wrong intentions because all I cared about at that time was becoming financially free and wealthy. So once I gave my life to Jesus I would ask God "Is this where I am supposed to be or would you have me do something else? Please reveal your will for my life." What I believe God told me was to stay where I am but start doing business His way. He also revealed that He wanted me to teach other entrepreneurs to do the same which is why I started "Realtors in Faith".

So once you have determined that business is where God wants you to be then the next step if you haven't done it already is making God the CEO of your business. I believe that as a Christian God should be the center of your life in every area of your life including your business. By aligning your business with biblical principles, you can establish a solid foundation built on integrity, honesty, fairness, and compassion. These values can guide your decision-making process and contribute to the overall reputation and success of your business.

Here are 3 tips on how to practically make God the CEO of your business:

  1. Have business meetings with God: You should be having regular business meetings with God by bringing to Him all your challenges, ideas, and problems that your business is facing and asking Him for His guidance. When listening to get instructions from God it is important to understand that you will not always hear from God every time and it may take a long time before God reveals to you a solution to a challenge or problem, patience is key when listening to God. For some people hearing from God doesn't come easy. I would suggest going to tip number 2 and focusing on building a solid relationship with God first.

  2. Study the Bible: It is important that we study the Bible not just read it but study it day and night. For many reasons; the first is because the number one way God speaks to us is through His Word. He will show you and highlight things for you that are meant to guide you on your journey. It is also impossible for you to do business God's way if you do not know or understand biblical principles which can only happen if your constantly studying God's Word.

  3. Pray without ceasing: I pray to God about everything and I suggest you do the same. Continually being in communication with God will change you and how you interact with other people in your life including your employees, business partners, and clients. When I have an important meeting or phone call I will pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help me, to speak through me, and guide me throughout these important business interactions. So pray continuously whether that is to ask the Lord for help or just to thank Him, pray about everything.

If you implement these three things you will be well on your way to making God the CEO of your business leading to a more fulfilling and successful venture.