How to make a decision in business | God is my CEO

Today we are talking about how to make a decision in business as a faith-based entrepreneur. When God is the CEO of our businesses we must look to Him when faced with decisions whether big or small. Through prayer and reflection, one can make sound business decisions while staying true to your values and beliefs.

4/11/20232 min read

As a business owner we are faced with decisions big and small all day long. Today we will discuss how to make decisions as a faith-based entrepreneur. If you would like to watch my latest youtube video on this very topic click here.

First things first as faith-based entrepreneurs we should be consulting God before making any kind of decision whether big or small. It is a good idea to ask yourself: Are you praying about it first? You might need to sleep on it especially if it's a big decision. It is never a good idea to rush a big decision. Allow yourself the time to discern what God wants you to do in the matter.

If you are still struggling to discern how to make a decision. Then I want you to ask yourself this question: Do you feel confused?

If Yes it is important to note confusion can be coming from the enemy or it can be coming from God. If you don't believe me look up Genesis 11: 5 - 9 as you can see God can send confusion to stop us from our sinful ways. When we decide to do things our way instead of his way.

Now your probably thinking well how do I know if it's coming from God or the enemy?

Ask yourself the following questions: What is your intention for this desire or decision you are looking to make? Is this coming from a place of ego/pride/greed or is it coming from a good place?

This will reveal to you your true core motive. If you realize and think; ok if I am honest with myself my motives aren't right. Well now you know not to move forward with these plans of yours but if your motives are right there is a good chance this is just the work of the enemy trying to stop you from doing great things. Remember to always pray about it first and truly seek God in the matter. Another good question to ask yourself is: does it line up with the word of God?

We all know it isn't always easy to make decisions as an entrepreneur but if you seek God first on it and truly believe it is aligned with His will, then go for it and trust that He will be with you.